Fatimid Foundation U.K

Fatimid Foundation U.K

  • Fatimid Foundation UK is Registered in England with Charity Commission on 04 July
    1991 registration #291878 (Click for Registration Certificate).

    For details visit website: charitycommission.gov.uk

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  • The charity was established in May 1978, operates throughout Pakistan and is a non-profit charitable organization that symbolizes hope for millions of blood disease carriers in Pakistan. Fatimid provides quality blood banking and haematological services, safely and competitively to patients in need and the community at large without discrimination, on any grounds such as religion,race, sex,language, colour, political or other opinion, national or social origin etc.


    M.Khaleel Chowdhree
    S.Mohsin Akhtar
    M.Ilyas Ahmad Chaudhary

    141 Ridge Lane, Watford, WD17 4SU

    Telephone: 07984 804843

    E-mail: admin@fatimiduk.org.uk

    Website: www.fatimiduk.org.uk


    Lloyds Bank plc (Business Banking, PO Box 1000, BX1 1LT)

    Branch: Caerphilly (309091)

    Account Name: Fatimid Foundation

    Account No: 71660160.

    SORT Code: 30-90- 91

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Message From Chairman - Fatimid Foundation Pakistan

Fatimid Foundation is the largest blood transfusion services in NGO sector in Pakistan. Its blood banks and haematological centres are providing crucial life saving services in Karachi, Hyderabad, Rashidabad, Khairpur, Multan, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta. There are more than eleven thousand registered patients of thalassaemia and haemophilia.

Fatimid Foundation distributes around 100,000 units of blood and blood products annually to the deserving patients. It provides completely free of cost blood transfusion and medical assistance to the poor and needy patients.

Fatimid Foundation started its blood transfusion services on 4th March, 1984. It was the first blood bank in Pakistan to introduce the concept of voluntary blood donors and discourage professional donors. Even in terms of quantitative out put of blood and blood products, it is the leader amongst blood transfusion services in the country.

Today, Fatimid Foundation Blood Bank and Haematological Services has completed 38 years of service. On the occasion of achieving this milestone, I would like to thank all philanthropists, common people, institutions, the government departments and Fatimid’s staff who have been cooperating directly or indirectly over last 28 years and helped Fatimid to achieve a prominent place among the fraternity of charities.

I hope that all of you will continue supporting Fatimid in its endeavours to serve the down trodden people without any discrimination of race, religion, ethnical back ground and gender. I also salute all thalassaemics and haemophilics and their parents who are bravely facing all the hardships.

It is because of your endeavours and patronage that provide security to the lives of thalassaemics and haemophilics. Sending donations to Fatimid Foundation will definitely help these children to maintain a healthy and fruitful life.

Fatimid Foundation is looking far beyond the horizon by introducing awareness and fund-raising at international level to prevent and eradicate the deadly thalassaemia and haemophilia blood disorders from Pakistan; Fatimid UK is a partner of this international organisation


Lt. Gen. (R) Moinuddin Haider
Fatimid Foundation

Chief Operating Officer’s Message - Fatimid Foundation Pakistan

As you may be aware that Fatimid Foundation Pakistan is the largest blood bank and haematological services in non-government sector in Pakistan. We have around 14,000 + registered patients suffering from dreadful blood disorders of thalassaemia and haemophilia (mostly children). We provide free of cost blood and blood product transfusion and medical assistance to the Mustahiq patients, through our centres located in Karachi, Hyderabad, Rashidabad, Khairpur, Multan, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta.

Blood Collection & Distribution: We have collected 52,805 units of blood during 2015 ~ 2016 which was fully screened for transfusion related infections (HIV, HCV, HBV, Syphilis and Malaria) and processed into various products (Packed Red Cells, FFP, CP, CS and Platelets). The total units of products distributed were 96,624.

Category Of Recipients Type of Blood Product Units
Thalaessaemia Packed Red Cells
Haemophilia Packed Red Cells
Out Patients Packed Red Cells
Total 96,624

Thalassaemia Prevention: Fatimid Foundation Pakistan have a very comprehensive Thalassaemia Prevention Programme. It provides genetic counseling services to the families of our registered thalassaemic patients and offer free screening for thalassaemia carrier (minor) status.

The details from August 2007 to July 2016 are as under:
No. of families counselled 2988
Families screened till date 2789
Total family members screened 18,985
Normal 12,584
Beta Thalassaemia Minor 5731
Thalassaemia Major 108
Mixed Haemaglobinpathis 562

We therefore need your help to help our poor sick children. Help us to help them.


Dr. Waleed Bin Azhar
Chief Operating Officer
Fatimid Foundation

Prof Dr Edward Tuddenham's Message